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About the Carillon Society of Australia

The Society

The Carillon Society of Australia (CSA) was established in 1981 as a professional organisation dedicated to the promotion of the carillon and its music.

The CSA is incorporated in the state of New South Wales, Australia, and has been a member of the World Carillon Federation (WCF) since 1982. Its membership includes performers (carillonists), students, and interested individuals and organisations.


The object of the Society was to advance the art, science and literature of the carillon by:

  • Conducting and promoting discussions, lectures and workshops;
  • Establishing a library of carillon music, recordings, texts and videos relating to the carillon;
  • Commissioning and publishing works for the carillon; and other appropriate material.

Office bearers

President Lyn Fuller president@carillon.org.au
Vice President June Catchpoole vicepresident@carillon.org.au
Secretary Kerryn Milligan secretary@carillon.org.au
Treasurer Veronica Lambert treasurer@carillon.org.au
Dulci Tomes Editor Lyn Fuller editor@carillon.org.au
Australian Carillon News Editor Isaac Wong newsletter@carillon.org.au


The CSA holds regular meetings every six months, in April (AGM) and October.

The next meetings will be

  • Sydney (University of Sydney War Memorial Carillon) on Saturday 13 April 2013

Part of the meetings will be a recital to which all carillonist members of the Society are invited to contribute.

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