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These files are WAV audio file (.wav) format. Unfortunately they are fairly large and depending on network performance may take some time to download.
  1. The bluebells of Scotland This introduction to the Cadenza arranged by John Gordon displays the range of the upper bells. (about 17 seconds, 300k)
  2. I gave my love a cherry This sample is from the conclusion of the arrangement by John Gordon. The long sounding bass bells are included. Note there is no damping - once a bell is struck it rings until the energy applied by the clapper is dissapated as sound. (about 47 seconds, 2.65M)
  3. Down in the valley This conclusion to the well-known tune, arranged by John Gordon, uses a wide range of the bells. (about 50 seconds, 2.65k)
These samples come from the Compact Disc Organ and Carillon Music from the University of Sydney

A second CD entitled Carillon and Organ features the present University Carillionist, Jill Forrest and University Organist, Amy Johnansen. Both can be ordered from The Chancellor's Committee, University of Sydney, NSW 2006 Australia.

For more information on these and other carillon recordings, consult our discography page.

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