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The Carillonists

In its early years the Carillon was played by a number of honorary carillonists, some of whom were also students at the University. In 1932 John Douglas Gordon began his association with the Carillon as an honorary carillonist (for photo, see former carillonists). In 1944 he was appointed as the first University Carillonist, which he remained until his death in 1991. Reginald Walker then filled the position until May 1992, when Jill Forrest was appointed. Jill continued until 2010. Amy Johansen, already the University Organist, then took on the University Carillonist responsibilities as well.

Jill Forrest at the Clavier

Jill Forrest, now Emeritus University Carillonist, at the clavier, which is located immediately below the bells. The control cables can be seen extending upwards from the clavier frame. A practice instrument that sounds chime bells can be seen in the background.

The honorary carillonists:

Liz Cartwright Liz Cartwright
June Catchpoole June Catchpoole

Edward Grantham Ted Grantham Louise Grantham Louise Grantham

Amy Johansen Amy Johansen
Lucy Shook Yiu Koe Lucy Shook Yiu Koe

Reginald Walker Reg Walker
Susan Wilkins Susan Wilkins

Isaac Wong Isaac Wong Stacey Xiao Yu Yang Stacey Xiao Yu Yang

Recitals are also given by carillonists from Canberra and visiting players from overseas.

Further information on the Carillon can be obtained from Jill Forrest (email:

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