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The Carillon Society of Australia (CSA) is a volunteer association, established in 1981. It has been a member of the World Carillon Federation (WCF) since 1982.


The CSA Committee is elected at the annual general meeting, held around March/April each year. The 2022 executive is as follows.

  • – President: Lyn Fuller OAM
  • – Vice-President: Ted Grantham
  • – Secretary: Peter Bray
  • – Treasurer: Veronica Lambert


The 2022 Committee Members are:

  • – Thomas Laue
  • – Wendy Murphy
  • – Isaac Wong



Below are the recollections of Reginald Walker (excerpt from Dulci Tomes No. 17, August 1996: 1-4)

It all began in 1981 on a cold winter’s day in a park at Berrima in the Southern Highlands of New South Wales, approximately midway between Sydney and Canberra. A small group of enthusiastic carillon players had come from Canberra to join with a small group of enthusiastic carillon players from Sydney, and we met in the park sitting around one of the picnic lunch tables. Perhaps I should say not sitting, but huddled, in view of the cold day and the icy westerly wind. Some of us had spouses, and all of us had wind jackets and cold weather gear. We shared hot coffee and conversation, and it was in this situation that the gestation of the Carillon Society of Australia took place.

We elected our initial officer bearers – John Gordon, “father/grandfather” of us all naturally was our first President; Vice-Presidents were myself from Sydney and George Howe from Canberra. Sue Magassy, whose initiative and enthusiasm had a great deal to do with bringing into being the Carillon Society of Australia, was appointed as our first Secretary. We set in train the process of preparation and adoption of our first constitution.

Two other meetings took place under these wintry conditions. The weather on each of the three occasions did nothing to dampen our enthusiasm and our determination to establish the Society. We agreed to meet twice yearly, with the meetings evenly divided between Sydney and Canberra.

In 1982, at the time of the World Carillon Congress in Løgumkloster, Denmark, our Society was accepted as one of the members of the World Carillon Federation.

Office Bearers over the years

John D Gordon 1981 – 1986
Reginald Walker 1986 – 1996
Jill Forrest 1996 – 2007
Lyn Fuller 2008 – Current
Suzanne Magassy 1981 – 1990
Susan Wilkins 1990 – 1993
Frances Simons 1993 – 1994
Jill Forrest 1994 – 1996
June Catchpoole 1996 – 2009
Kerryn Milligan 2009 – 2014
Anna Wong 2014 – 2020
Peter Bray 2020 – Current


William Fraser 1981 – 1996
Lyn Fuller 1996 – 1999
Catherine MacKenzie 1999 – 2009
Susan Antcliff 2009 – 2012
Veronica Lambert 2012 – Current
Newsletter Editors
Suzanne Magassy 1981 – 1985
Annick Ansselin 1985 – 1992
Joan Chia 1992 – 1998
Lyn Fuller 1998 – 2010